Business News of 2014-05-12

Tomato prices continue steady rise

Prices of tomatoes on Friday continued their upward trend, hitting a high of Ghc20.00 in four of six major markets in Accra, a GNA survey has shown.

The survey also showed that prices of other commodities were either relatively stable or on the rise.

At the Adabraka market, for example, prices of commodities such as gari and snails are stable.

The price of four medium sized snails remained at Ghc10.00 and Ghc20.00 depending on the size.

A bowl of tomatoes is being sold at between Ghc18.00 and Ghc22.00, depending on the size, while a bowl of Agusi is sold at Ghc20.00.

Similarly, a tuber of yam is going for between Ghc3 and Ghc5, depending on the size while the price of three fingers of plantain is stable at Ghc2.00 over the week. A bowl of onion sold at Ghc14.00.

At the Makola and Tudu markets, the survey showed varying prices for tomatoes with a small bowl selling between Ghc11.00 and Ghc12.00 depending on the size.

Three tubers of yam sells at between Ghc7.00 and Ghc8.00 while a heap of cassava goes for Ghc2.00, Three fingers of ripe plantain are being sold at Ghc2 while six fingers of unripe plantain go for Ghc5.00.

A bowl of maize sells at Ghc4.00 while a bowl of groundnut is going for Ghc10

The story is not different at the Madina market where the price of a bowl of tomatoes has risen to Ghc20.00. Similarly, the price of onion has gone up to Ghc12 in the week to Friday as compared to GHhc10 last week.

At the Kaneshie Market, commodity prices have remained relatively unchanged. Three pieces of ripe plantain are being sold at Ghc2.00 while four pieces of unripe plantain also go for Ghc2.00.

Two tubers of yam are being sold at Ghc5.00 while a heap of cassava is going at Ghc1.00 and Ghc2.00 for five medium sized ones.

At the Malata market, prices of commodities such as pepper, carrot and millet remained the same.

However, the prices of soya beans experienced an increase up to Ghc4.50 from Ghc4.00 and a bowl of beans which went for Ghc6.50 pesewas is now sold at Ghc7.00.

A bowl of maize, which was sold at Ghc3. 50 last week, is now Ghc4.00. Six fingers of plantain, which was previously sold for Ghc2.00 has increased to Ghc3.00.

A bowl of tomatoes has increased from Ghc14.00 to Ghc15.00 as compared to the previous week and a sack of onion, which used to sell at Ghc130.00, has now increased to Ghc205.00.

A bowl of groundnut which sold at Ghc9.00 in the previous week had increased to Ghc10.00.

At the Labadi market, a bowl of tomatoes is selling at Ghc12.00, with the same quantity of garden eggs going for Ghc8.00.

Source: GNA
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