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I am privileged to have one of the best mothers ever - Yvonne Okoro

Popular actress and movie producer Yvonne Okoro has expressed delight with the concept of celebrating Mothers’ Day, describing it as one of the best days of the year.

The actress said mothers are the best gift of life and the best inspiration to mankind and deserve to be celebrated, not only on Mothers’ Day, but on every single day.

She spoke to NEWS-ONE about her relationship with her biological mother, stepmother and other mothers who have had an impact on her life.

“I am privileged to have one of the best mothers ever. She brought me up in a way a good child should be brought up and I am thanking her and my dad as well for that. They were in together and I thank God for their lives. They have been a great support to my career as well. I celebrate them every day but on a special day like this, I can only say ‘I love you mum. There is no mum like you’.

“I wish to talk about my stepmother as well. She has been good to me. I have heard of some stepmothers who are cruel to stepchildren but trust me, my stepmother is one great stepmother you would wish to have. You are a great mother,” Yvonne Okoro added.

“…Mothers’ day isn’t only about mothers. A mother isn’t a woman who brings forth but she can be one who acts and thinks like a mother and is there to congratulate and support. Happy Mother’s Day to my stepmother. Thanks for the love,” she said on social network Instagram.

Yvonne was born to Nigerian father, Francis Okoro, and Ghanaian mother, Edna Okoro.

Her mother is a realtor and professional caterer who has over the years helped the family business to grow. Yvonne is the eldest of the four children between Mr. and Mrs. Okoro.

Source: Francis Addo-News One
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