General News of 2014-05-14

NPP have nothing to offer Ghanaians - Prof Akosa

Renowned pathologist and politician Prof. Agyeman Badu Akosa on Wednesday took the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to the cleaners for opting to stay out of the ongoing National Economic Forum.

That action, apart from characterizing the nature of the NPP, also flies in the face of patriotism, the Convention Peoples Party stalwart said.

Prof Akosa who spoke to Radio XYZ, said among other reasons, the NPP have no respect for Ghanaians other than themselves, else they would have appreciated the plight of the Ghanaian and joined the search for solutions to grow the national economy.

Even then, he does not think that the NPP have any solutions to offer the economy or the forum hence their decision to stay away. After all when they managed the country, he said, they did not turn the economy around.

According to Prof Akosa, it would serve Ghanaians better if the privileged spared a thought for the under-privileged, for many are the things we take for granted but which are very critical for the deprived.

He said for many a rural dweller, they have not as much as tasted treated water before, the same commodity that many in privileged situations use to flush their toilet.

Besides many are the silent doers who support the national development efforts without as much as raise their voices to be noticed.

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