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Ghana hosts Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Summit

The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) in partnership with National Communication Authority, on Tuesday opened the second annual DSA Global Summit in Accra, to serve as a platform to discuss the future for newly available spectrum.

The two-day summit being attended by participants from across the globe will emphasize on the exploration of dynamic spectrum access technologies, business models and regulations, which are pertinent to Africa.

The DSA Summit document made available to Ghana News Agency explained that it would contribute to discussions about innovative ways of managing limited radio spectrum resources, including dynamic spectrum access.

The discussions will also create regulatory guidelines and standards for radio spectrum and will act as a catalyst in building relationships and nurturing initiatives, whilst driving global efforts to better the use of limited frequencies.

Dynamic spectrum access describes a family of emerging wireless technologies that can use radios frequencies more efficiently, thereby increasing the availability and reducing the cost of wireless bandwidth.

Ghana's support for the Global Summit demonstrates recognition of the need to innovatively increase spectrum supply and availability within the region, with the aim of creating new opportunities in the areas of education, healthcare, e-government, small business empowerment, and social inclusion.

The Global Summit aims to demonstrate the potential future offered by dynamic spectrum access technologies and effectively encourage discussions that will usher the next leap forward in connectivity for emerging economy regions like Africa and in other developing and developed regions around the world.

Sessions at the Global Summit will cover the latest technical advances, regulatory initiatives and strategies for ushering in the next leap forward in wireless connectivity from connecting the next four billion people to enabling the Internet of Things.

Experts with first-hand experience will demonstrate how dynamic spectrum access can help governments, businesses, and communities deliver affordable access in the busiest cities and in the most remote countryside.

The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance is a global organisation advocating laws and regulations that will lead to more efficient and effective spectrum utilisation.

The DSA's membership spans multinationals, small- and medium-sized enterprises, and academic, research, and other organizations from around the world, all working to create innovative solutions that will increase the amount of available spectrum to the benefit of consumers and businesses alike.

Source: GNA
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