Boxing News of 2014-05-16

#BankuVsPowers. How Ghanaians tweeted

The Judgment Day bout has come to an end with Braimah Kamoko a.k.a Bukom Banku giving Aryittey Powers a lesson in boxing with a unanimous decision, proving his status as the undisputed king of Bukom and a clean undefeated record.
Here are some tweets as #BankuvsPowers was trending

The most anticipated, most postponed, most comedic boxing bout in Ghana's history is about to start. #BankuvsPowers

— Ama K Abebrese (@Ama_K_Abebrese) May 15, 2014

Banku has come! Coffin in hand. Punch in waiting. #BankuvsPowers I miss Ghana!!!!

— Philip Foyoo Ashon (@KofiAshon) May 15, 2014

'The man who HAVE a hairstyle '...this commentator too!! ebei!! #BankuvsPowers

— Nana Ama (@Diamond_unys) May 15, 2014

After 3 rounds I'd say Bukom Banku appears to be the more determined fighter. #BankuvsPowers #Ghana

— Israel Laryea (@Izraella) May 16, 2014

"@GeorgeBrittonGh: ECG pls give Ayitey his power back we beg u....the blackout no dey help #BankuvsPowers"#saythatagain

— Samuel Korley (@samraulz3) May 16, 2014

"@Amegaxi: E be like ECG quench Ayittey ein Powers ???????????? #BankuvsPowers"#saythatagain

— Samuel Korley (@samraulz3) May 16, 2014

The number of upper cuts powers received is equivalent to the number of hair on his head #bankuvspowers

— IlliteracyIsADisease (@YeHoWa_) May 16, 2014

Did the commentator really say all the fans r gays? #BankuvsPowers

— (@GeorgeBrittonGh) May 16, 2014
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