Regional News of 2014-05-18

Osu bans drumming and noise making

The fetish priests and priestesses (Wulormei/Woryie) of Osu Traditional Area on Friday performed the spiritual rites to place a ban on drumming and noise making for three weeks and asked the people to abide by it.

The ban will be lifted on June 6, 2014.

Numo Naku Agbeti, Osu Klottey Wulormo, who led the fetish priests and priestesses to perform the rites at Osu, said the ban must be strictly adhered to.

He said the flouting of the ban would lead to so many things that would not bring peace and development and that it was not only meant for Ga indigenes, but for all those living on Ga lands.

He advised that, Osu being the seat of government, nobody should do anything that would disturb the State during the ban period, adding that the institution of the ban was not aimed at just to arrest people.

“Let us all adhere to the call and abide by it and at the end of it we will see our economy back on track and our cedi stabilised.”

The ban on drumming and noise making precedes the Homowo festival. It is a period when the Ga indigenes plant the first maize which they called “nmaadumu” in preparation towards the festival in August.

Source: GNA
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