Business News of 2014-05-20

ICAG to contribute to national discourse

The Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana (ICAG) is set to come out with topical issues and solutions that will support the economic growth and development of the country after going silent on such issues in the past.

The Chief Executive Officer of ICAG, Mr Fred Moore, said going forward, the institute would routinely organise economic forums and also come up with public debates to project its views on matters about the economy.

“The association has travelled a long way and has come far from where it used to be in the last 10 years. Therefore we are better placed to be able to talk and contribute to the growth of the economy,” Mr Moore said at a press briefing in Accra as part of activities to mark the 2014 Accountants’ Week celebration.

He added that ICAG would also engage the media and contribute to discussions in the media about the economy in order to project their views.

The ICAG described the theme for its Golden Jubilee celebration last year, “The Role of a Chartered Accountant in Ghana: 50 years and beyond,” as still relevant and therefore maintained it for the celebration of the Accountants’ Week for this year. ICAG?on corruption

The President of ICAG, Mrs Angela Peasah, in her address, said corruption had contributed to the current state of the economy.

However, she was quick to note that it was gratifying that the President, John Mahama, had given an assurance that government was determined to fight corruption on two fronts: exposing and dealing with corrupt practices when they come up to serve as a deterrent to others and tightening the systems to prevent corruption from occurring in the first place.

“We at the ICAG appreciate this commitment and will continue to work with our members to support the government in every way possible to make this a reality,” she said.

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