General News of 2014-05-24

Rawlings must behave like a statesman - Dominic Nitiwul

The Deputy Minority Leader, Mr. Dominic Nitiwul, says the former president, Jerry Rawlings, should behave like a statesman and stop dividing the nation with his comments.

According to him, Mr. Rawlings’ comments have the likelihood of creating misunderstanding not only within the NDC, but the nation as a whole.

Mr. Nitiwul made these remarks following an earlier comment made by the former president which sought to indict the memory of the former chairman of the National Development Planning Committee, Mr. PV Obeng.

Mr. Rawlings had claimed that the late P.V. Obeng was among some leading members of the NDC who advised the late President Atta Mills not to investigate the corrupt acts of government officials of the NPP regime.

However, speaking on Joy FM, Mr. Nitiwul noted that, “In fact that is not the first time, when the late president died, he did the same thing. He divided the nation by his comments, he divided the NDC by his comments and that is exactly what he is seeking to do…I’m sorry but I think that the former president should realise that he is a former president".

He stated further that the NPP government did not engage in any corrupt dealings and that was evident in the number of cases which were lost by the NDC government when they sought to prosecute some members of the NPP.

“I can count more that 12 to 15 people who have gone to court and they lost all of those cases. They lost as many as 18 cases, as many as 18 cases; they took them to court, they all lost. So he should not think that the NPP has committed some crime and somebody decided that let's cover up,” he said.

Mr. Nitiwul noted that the former president was fond of making divisive comments and advised him to refrain from such acts since they had the likelihood of plunging the nation into chaos.

“He should behave like a statesman. If he does, we will all accord him that respect. Every day, any time he seeks to denigrate the NPP, it will not help, it will not help him, it will not help the NDC, it will not help us as a nation,” he stated.

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