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Opinion: Lilwin outstanding performance abruptly terminated

Among the many performers of the night at the GHANA meet NAIJA, not many were able to lighten up the stage and ignite a powerful force in the hearts of the audience like Lilwin did.
Apart from Sarkodie who won the overall best performance, and Kcee who emerged top of all Nigerian artiste that night, Lilwin was exceptionally the most humorous and the best dancer.
Lilwin added a rich flavor to the entire program, his unique comic utterances kept making people laugh. Ghana meet Naija is always about music and in real world events, there is usually an element of humor, it was Lilwin that satisfied that crave for laughter in a tensed night of nationalist musical movement.
Now before we will be quick to judge, eager to analyze, and desperate to apologize, have we asked ourselves three simple questions: What was Lilwin carrying in the plastic bag? Why was he acting with a symbolic substance ‘Wee’? How do you expect him to feel for such awkward termination of his performance?
There is no tangible evidence that Lilwin was carrying ‘Wee’ or Marijuana in that bag, equally there is no evidence that he was not. All we know that he was carrying a bag, and he made us believe it was a hard drug. Lilwin is an actor, he is a born ‘hypocrite’, one who makes a living by deceiving people on screen that things are so but are not for a moral purpose. He normally assumes other people’s character so well that he may be judged as such in real life.
To agree to his supposed claim of carrying ‘Wee’ will amount to him being a dealer or a consumer and not an actor. That makes him a criminal as far the present legal stand is concerned. The effrontery to bring an actual ‘Wee’ substance on stage will imply an open mockery of the Ghana legal system, and that the police can’t touch him and so he can’t be prosecuted because he is above the law.
Lilwin being fully aware of this possible scenario if he should display any form of miscreant attitude on Ghana meet Naija platform would not attempt the opposite. It was a night of entertainment, he came prepared. The concept of ‘Wee’ did not metamorphose on stage with Guru, it was perhaps a surprise for him but he was cool with the concept knowing what Lilwin was trying to achieve.
What was Lilwin carrying in the bag? Nobody knows no one saw it; Only Lilwin can answer by showing us what it was? Now to satisfy the inquisitive mind, he must tell us and we must believe him. In as much as his performance was terminated we can’t deduce therefore the entire drama that he put up for the crowd and its significant moral lessons to be learnt.
Lilwin was chosen to represent the MTN Ghana brand because of his great acting abilities and exceptional sense of humor. He played a Kung fu actor, displaying amazing skills of karate in the MTN billboards and adverts. He did not go to china for that purpose, and in real life he won’t attempt to defend himself with Kung fu. A brand ambassador should honor and represent the brand it commits to properly but not with unnecessary limitations to talent and capabilities. The brand should not try to control or initiate a pattern of behavior in the professional side of their ambassador.
The MTN Ghana officials were quick to issue a disclaimer without seeing the end from the beginning. To disassociate your ambassador based on preconceived ideas is myopic and unprofessional. Such decision would have been more acceptable if that he concluded his dramatic performance then if at all that the young man has gone crazy and unfit to represent the brand, It is not a decision that is made in a hurry, his appointment was not rushed, his advert acting was not rushed, why issue a disclaimer when the drama was not concluded.
Lilwin had a good night show, he will not count it Ill for those who misunderstood his performance, he will be feeling that if only he was given a benefit of doubt. Lilwin is an important face in the Ghana movie industry; he has worked very hard to earn his rightful place in the industry and should not be treated like a nobody. To dismiss him as if he has committed a crime whereas he was displaying his acting talent with a moral objective in mind was not only quick but harsh.
From my opinion, in conclusion, I think Lilwin deserves an apology as well.

Source: Chuks Ineh- chuksineh.com
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