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GPHA takes delivery of two more gantry cranes

True to its word, the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority on Monday took delivery of two more gantry cranes at a total cost 15 million Dollars.

One of the cranes which have been delivered to the port of Takoradi, was bought at a cost of 7 million dollars whereas the one that was discharged at the port of Tema cost 8 million dollars because of the additional special component of a platinum system that makes it faster than the ordinary crane.

One graft of the crane is capable of lifting 30 tonnes of cargo at a go and with two swings, is able to fill an articulator truck, has three spreaders capable of lifting two containers at a go as well has a jumbo sack attachment capable of lifting 25 tonnes of cargo at a go.

"This is part of the effort we are making to boost the capacity of the port to handle the increasing volumes and tonnages of cargo, that is pending the execution of the master expansion project itself"said Marketing and public relations manager of the port of Tema, Paul Asare Ansah when he interacted with the media shortly after the vessel that brought in the cranes anchored in the port of Tema.

The cranes, according to Mr. Asare Ansah, have come in handy as they help in dealing especially with vessels that have weak gears and are generally deemed not strong enough.

‘’The special thing about this crane is that they help to fill in the gap when we receive vessels that may not be that strong, their gears may not be that strong and so these cranes become the factor that bridges that space that hitherto would have been created’’ he pointed out.

Just last December, the Authority took delivery two mobile harbour cranes which has also in no small way helped in boosting strongly, the efficiency of the port, culminating in quick turnaround time for vessels that call the port.

Source: Maritime & Transport Digest
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