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Gasmilla talks about upcoming debut album and Ghana Music Award ‘snub’

Milla Joseph Odartei Lamptey popularly known as GASMILLA is working towards the release of his first music album soon after the World Cup. The album which is titled “Better Late Than Never” according to him, would contain about twenty to thirty songs including Aboodantoi, Three Points, Letter To Government and his new single, B3 Ole (Abi You Know). He also hinted that the album features a couple of underground artists.

Milla explained his reason for not featuring any known artist on his songs saying “Why give food to somebody who is already full? There is no need putting artists who have made it on my song because they do not need that kind of exposure I will give them on my album”.

He said the underground artists who are trying hard to make it are the ones who need that exposure therefore he has decided to dedicate his first album to them, and hopefully that would help teleport them to fame and help push them to the top. He also asked his fans to continue to support his music and he is going work hard to bring them nothing but the best.

The Azonto King Gasmilla who was also a nominee at the just ended VGMA’s for the Hiplife Song of the Year and the Developmental Song of the Year with his songs “Three Points” and “Letter to the Government’ respectively has expressed his disappointment for not winning any of the awards.

He said, “My song was loud and was played everywhere. It even made it to the Afro beats chat and was number one for three consecutive weeks, so if it could not win the Hiplife song of the year then there is something wrong”.

Milla also added that his song “Letter To The Government” should have won the developmental song of the year but instead it was given to Kwabena Kwabena “with a song i have not even heard before” he said.

He said that there was “no need crying over spilt milk” therefore whether win or lose he was still going to do what he does best and work much harder to impress his fans and to entertain them. “At the end of the day all the matters to me is my fans” he added.

Source: Christiana Arthur
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