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PhoneAfrika launches new SIM product for Africans

PhoneAfrika Mobile, a new mobile network that offers a simple and affordable way of connecting with friends and family in Africa, is delighted to announce an exciting partnership with Coms Mobile to supply the UK based African population with a new SIM card offering extremely cost-effective calls between PhoneAfrika Mobile SIM’s and various countries.
Coms Mobile is providing Live Telecom’s PhoneAfrika Mobile brand with a SIM only product that offers cheaper call rates to Africans travelling to and living in the UK to call home. This partnership will also allow PhoneAfrika Mobile to access Coms’ wider product portfolio including residential and business calls, lines and broadband packages and take its product to a much wider audience than ever before.
This is now even more prevalent, with recent figures showing that in the last 10 years, the British population of Africans has doubled from 0.8 per cent to 1.7 per cent making a total of approximately one million Africans living in London. PhoneAfrika Mobile is the latest organisation to partner with Coms and take advantage of Coms’ innovative mobile service offering.
The initial two-year agreement will see Coms supplying PhoneAfrika Mobile with 50,000 SIMs; 10,000 have already been delivered and are ready for use. Additionally, Live Telecom will be accessing another Coms company – Coms Media – by utilising their huge capability in marketing PhoneAfrika Mobile’s new solution.
David Breith, CEO for Coms explained: “We are delighted that PhoneAfrika Mobile is partnering with Coms Mobile. PhoneAfrika Mobile turned to us as they recognised that we are able to offer them reliability, marketing expertise, technical support and that we have access to a large network coverage area.
This is another global solution we are offering to ensure our comprehensive portfolio of services is reaching more and more people. This is lucrative for the business too, if full potential revenues for the business are acknowledged, this could mean £12m per year to Coms.”
Mike Cooke, Chairman of Live Telecom UK added that “This partnership with Coms fulfils our long term vision of working with the very best providers who guarantee an opportunity to deliver quality mobile services to the African market”.
Victor Kisseih, CEO of PhoneAfrika Mobile, however said: “We recognised that they matched our values and needs with their adaptable and innovative solutions This partnership means we can now take our product to market with confidence.
Source: Live Telecom UK
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