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Prices of tomato,onions rise in Tamale - Survey

The prices of tomato and onions keep rising in the Tamale Metropolis due to inadequate supply of the two commodities in the two main markets, Aboabo and Tamale Central markets.

A bowl or what is termed as “Paint container” of tomato (Navrongo variety), which was being sold last week at Ghc25 is this week selling between Ghc30 and Ghc35 depending on the quality while an “olonka” of onion has shot up from Ghc32 to Ghc35.

A GNA survey on Friday in the two markets showed that the unstable price of tomato has been as a result of a short supply of the commodity, especially the Navrongo variety.

Other commodities that had increased slightly included millet, groundnuts and local rice whilst yam, sorghum, pepper, beans and cowpea had reduced slightly.

Below is the price list of some of the commodities

     Commodities                           Current Prices                         Last week Prices

     Maize                                         GH ¢ 3.50                                 GH ¢2.00

     Tomatoes                                   GH ¢30.00/35                           GH ¢25.00

     Millet sorghum                          GH ¢2.00                                   GH¢2.50

     cowpea                                       GH ¢5.50                                   GH ¢ 6.00

     Yam                                           GH ¢6.00 (3-tubers)                   GH¢3.00 (one-tuber)

     Groundnut                                 GH¢8.00                                     GH ¢6.00

     Wheat                                        GH¢9.50                                      GH ¢9.50

     Soya beans                                GH ¢3.50                                    GH ¢3.50

     Beans                                        GH¢6.00                                      GH¢7.00

     Onion                                        GH ¢35.00                                    GH¢32.00

     Pepper                                       GH ¢5.00                                      GH¢7.00

     Local Rice                                 GH ¢5.00                                      GH ¢ 4.50

     Kontomere                                 GH¢ 1.00                                     GH¢ 1.00

     Foreign Rice                              GH ¢ 10.00                                   GH ¢ 10.00

Source: GNA
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