Diasporian News of 2014-06-01

NPP Germany calls for a united and strong party

Recent events in our great party are very disturbing and need a solution as soon as possible. NPP has always chosen to be fair and believe in democratic principles and now it depends on us to come together as one family and sustain the sacrifices our forefathers have made in building our great party. We should not lose sight of the fact that in a democracy, any member can express his or her views but not with insults.

When it comes to Multipart Democratic Dispensation in Ghana, the NPP are the pacesetters and also a very strong vibrant and Democratic Party in Ghana. We have to  put our selfish and personal interest aside and follow our party´s constitution and tradition because the tone of pronouncement by some members of our party is very disturbing and needs to be stopped.

Press release is very good and important, but it should not be done with barrage of insults and other disgracing comments. Communicating with the members of our party is very important but it should not be done with acrimony, rancour and insults.

We must not distract the attention of Ghanaians from the dire situation they find themselves in due to the bad mismanagement of the current administration and the antecedent poverty that has come about because of a visionless and incompetent.

We should not forget the Dumsor-Dumsor, the debacle of Sada, the Gyeeda catastrophe, the Isofothon calamity and many other CREATE-LOOT-&-SHARE mirages, among many others. In simple terms, we should not forget how the Ndc administration, led by our incompetent President “Kofi Dubai” Mahama have misused the hard earned money of Ghanaians for their personal use. Ghanaians are bleeding under this corrupt government and the average Ghanaian is living in abject disappointment, despair and hopelessness under the Ndc government.

We should know that the government has failed woefully and cannot solve the problems confronting Ghanaians. We should have a united common front in the spirit of unity to claim power from the Ndc. Some leading members of our party should all come together and stop criticising each other at the expense of our great party.

We appeal to our National Executives, especially the National Youth Organiser Sammy Awuku to bring the youth of our party together and advise them to stop moving from radio stations condemning our leaders who are going to contest in the coming National Congress to elect our flag bearer for the 2016 Presidential election. The belief in competition is an atmosphere of respect and decorum and not vicious personality attacks.

We should all remember that, Ghanaians are looking up to the Npp to provide a good and incorruptible government to deliver them from the failing Ndc administration. We should not fail them. If we can come as one party, we believe we can drive those messing up our country. We must foster unity and work for the victory of the party in the 2016 general elections. Victory for the Npp is non-negotiable come 2016 in order to restore hope to the countless distressed Ghanaians.

Long Live Npp!

Long Live Ghana!

Alex O. S. Tuffour.

Communication Director

Npp Germany:


Source: NPP Germany
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