Regional News of 2014-06-02

Don’t remove utility subsidises – UDS SRC to gov’t

The Student Representative Council (UDS) of the University of Development Studies (UDS) is appealing to the government to reconsider the removal of utility subsidies for public universities across the country.

According to them, the move will aggravate the already “perilous woes of tertiary students who are undeniably overburdened with extortionate cost of education in the country.”

Government has directed the public universities and polytechnics to pay their own utility bills; hence, public universities are deciding to pass the utility costs on to the students.

But a statement signed by the SRC executives of UDS stated that the plight of the Ghanaian student is worsening and “this move will further create a bleak future for our educational system.”

Below is the full statement


Governance is all about taking decisions to better the life’s of people, but when those decisions are rather going to worsen the situation and make the cost of education expensive, then we have to be circumspect and proper introspection as well as due diligence must be done to ensure that our living conditions are not exacerbated.

Our notice was drawn to the fact that Government is contemplating of removing all forms of subsidies and Subventions to Public Tertiary Institutions in the country especially the various Public Universities, they have started with Utilities Bills, a move that will only but succeed in aggravating the already perilous woes of tertiary students who are undeniably overburdened with extortionate cost of education in the country.

This Utility Bills will be transferred to Students and hence each Student will pay averagely an additional GH¢ 350.00 for Non-Residents and GH¢450.00 for Residents in addition to his or her fees.

Last academic Year, First Year Students pay GH¢1,092.00 as their admission fees. Ceteris Paribus, this year Students will pay GH¢1,542.00 and GH¢1442.00 without cost of Accommodation, cost of food, cost of Handouts etc.

This could serve as a deterrent to prospective University Applicant considering the cost involve. If aggresses remain as they are, then we fear of a low intake in the upcoming potential applicants. Government should consider proroguing its decisions.

This current position of Government will go against the backdrop of which University for Development Studies was established. UDS was established to make University Education accessible and affordable to the People in the North and the country at large.

We are therefore pleading with Government to re-consider its decision regarding the removal of these subsidies and subventions on tertiary Institutions.

The plight of the Ghanaian Student is worsening and this move will further create a bleak future to our educational system.

Ofosu Emmanuel                  SRC President, UDS                          

Hubert Adehokey Elorm       SRC, Vice President, UDS                

Mensah Enoch McRoyal,       Local NUGS President, UDS          

Karikari Kwabena Julius        PRO, SRC UDS                               


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