Sports Features of 2014-06-03

A Very Modest Final Advice to the Black Stars.

The USA Team has been building up on Stamina and Strength. I watched them train and became convinced that they are not leaving anything to chance. They have been employing the most modern Physical therapy modalities to equip their Players with great Speed, Stamina and brute Strength.

The Black Stars must not be complacent at all, and should defend spirally, covering for each other with speed. The most potent of the USA Team is the Mid-Field. If the Mid-Field is neutralized, the Black Stars could have a pleasant, easy victory. Klinsman has been encouraging rapid incursions into the “18”, mostly from the flanks. He is also known to have depended on the height of his players for unexpected goals. Our Defense must keep close watch on rushing Headings in Corner Kicks against us.

Our Offense must not try to always work the ball to the 6-yard line to shoot at Goal. It should shoot with precision and power from different angles, and at the earliest opportunity, while being alert to take rebounds. No fancy flicks.

The USA Team does not want to be beaten by the Black Stars for the 3rd time in a roll, and their Coach, Klinsman, promises to break the cycle, German Style.

The Black Stars must train to excel at Speed, accurate passes, and anticipation and tight defense. Our Players are noted for often expecting Referee's intervention on the slightest infringement. They have to play to the whistle, determine to keep the ball, and hustle to retake a stolen one. The "Last-days-Chelsea-Drogba-Syndrome" must not afflict the Black Stars. By that I mean where Players feebly let the opponents take the ball at the least touch or confrontation, expecting the Referee to give them a Foul. No over-dramatization could win us edge. No flimsy penalty concessions, or unguarded Offside traps should be encouraged. The Referees could be brutal on us. The Black Stars must play their hardest ever. It is going to be a test of wills. And we should prevail with our better skills.

Victory to the Black Stars!

Long Live Ghana!!!

Source: George Berko
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