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Hilda Akua Frimpong to represent Ghana at 2014 Miss Africa USA

The annual Miss Africa USA beauty pageant comes your way again this year and Ghana's representative in the pageant, Hilda Akua Frimpong [former Miss Ghana USA] will join other bold, beautiful and intelligent ladies who from the continent to vie for the covetous Miss Africa USA crown. It is however prudent to bring to light who Hilda is and her plans before, during and after the pageant.

Former Miss Ghana USA winner, Hilda Akua Frimpong has been announced as a finalist for the 2014 Miss Africa USA Pageant.

She will be representing her native country, Ghana, in the most anticipated African event in the nation. The pageant will be hosted on Saturday, August 9th at the Strathmore Theatre in Rockville Maryland.

Hilda is a 25 year old Texas A&M University graduate. While preparing to return to school for her Masters and International Law and Relations, Hilda currently works in the Inside Sales Development department with Thomson Reuters.

Just recently, Hilda was promoted into her new role as Team Lead, which has extended her experience within sales, marketing, communication and leadership. To help trigger change and empower people, Hilda plans to use these unique skills and transition into the non-profit segment of her company, The Thomson Reuters Foundation.

In 2012, Hilda was diagnosed with scoliosis. After learning more about prevention and treatment, it became her mission to heighten awareness of scoliosis through marketing and educational avenues. In preparation, she partnered with the Scoliosis Care Foundation and on February 1st 2014, the Foundation announced her as their spokesperson.

With a collaborative effort lead by Hilda, she introduced an initiative program called Straight Up. This platform is designed to help young girls with scoliosis develop a healthy self-esteem, despite their disorder.

The program also highlights positive accomplishments girls with scoliosis have completed. In addition, Hilda facilitates a Straight Up forum that is open to anyone with scoliosis. This allows others the opportunity to ask questions, share ideas or concerns with individuals who have experienced the same diagnoses.

Since competing in Miss Ghana USA 2012, Hilda’s platform has always been Healthcare Awareness. Scoliosis Awareness is an initiative under her larger platform. Hilda hopes to take her experiences with working with this amazing non-profit in the United States back to Africa.

As a by-product of both nations and a delegate for Miss Africa USA, she would like her work to reflect that.

To follow her journey, like her Facebook Page (link below) and follow her on Instagram @Hildaakua and those interested supporting her cause can email her at hildaakua1908@gmail.com

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/Miss-Africa-USA-Finalist-2014-Ghana-Delegate/231414350240985?sk=info

Source: Yaw Sarpon
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