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Ghana Black stars must change the trend......

Every soccer loving fan is confident Ghana is going to shine in Brazil despite meeting Germany and Portugal . It is going to be very tough for Ghana team as they are meeting USA for the third time having won the two previous matches. but the players, the technical team, the FA,and even the president of the Republic of Ghana John Dramani M: have all been optimistic about the black stars going to the final. As a patriotic ghanaian, i have tried harder not to bring patriotism before objectivity, yet my wishes for the team would'nt allow me to be that objective.Ghana has got players who are fit to play and it is even believed that,Africa has now come of age with the right character to win the most prestigious game in the world. Meanwhile there has been some trend which many including the FA failed to notice, thus when the expectation is low then the team impresses while, when the expectations are high, then the team disappoints,we all can remember when Ghana lost 3:1 to Cote d'voire in Angola in the year 2010, all hopes were almost lost when the Black stars of Ghana went all the way to finals, only for the faros of Egypt to be lucky to score one goal and won the cup. Some months latter when the Serbian coach dropped almost all the senior players,the coach, the FA were all being critcised for taking inexperienced players to the world cup, and the expectations were less, in the end the whole world was surprised by the performance of the team and not only the critics Another AFCON followed a year after,people expected Ghana's performance in the Mundial to reflect in South Africa, thus when Coach kwesi Appiah took over.Ghanaians were disappointed again as they performed far below expectations, It has been a trend that was there since 1992.So this time around the players and the coach should make sure that the trend changes and there fore be proud to be part of the team that changed the trend of the higher the expectations, the lower the performance and the lower the expectations the higher the performance. The team will need the prayer of every ghanaian,as they would need a bit of luck to succeed. However, Alhaji grusah even thought, there are a lot work to be done on the stricking prowess of the team which we believe he is working on it by now.Ghana has got players who are fit as the fitness play almost 80% of the game yet we do not have to sit down and be giving ourselves hopes in vain, when we can really pray for the team to excel. We dont just look at our players and say we will beat America U S,Germany and Portugal,all the teams are stronger and therefore, every ghanaian must do what he thinks can help the team, and we can do nothing more than prayer.. Tantawayussif@gmail.comSource: ikleel yussif
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