General News of 2014-06-04

Edward Mahama bares teeth at Ghana Water

The four-time defeated presidential candidate of the People's National Convention (PNC), Dr. Edward Nasigre Mahama, is beside himself with rage and has descended heavily on the Ghana Water Company Limited to fix the deepening water crisis at Parakuo, a suburb of Dome in Accra, to lessen the burden on the people.
According to him, he spends at least Ghc110.00 every day for a tanker of water, which is a clear indication of how the situation has worsened.
The implication is that due to the shortage of water in his area, he spends at least Ghc3,300.00 in 30 days on water.
Dr. Mahama, who is also the chief executive officer of the Superior Medical Clinic, said for the past two years, water flows only three hours once a week.
Speaking to the Daily Heritage in an interview, he observed that the water shortage at Dome-Parakuo has degenerated into a crisis.
“The water situation is very bad. I do not remember the last time water flowed through my taps,” Dr. Mahama said.
“I am very sad; I buy water every hour and every other day to supply my home and clinic,” he added.
He explained that the private water tanker charges Ghc110.00 and those hundreds of gallons of water lasts him a day and a half.
Juliana Mensah, a resident, intimated that for the past two years of perennial water problem in the area, her family, including her, have been bathing once a day.
“For a woman to be bathing once a day, its implications are obvious, but, that is the situation I have to contend with,” she observed.
Michael Quartey, another resident, expressed worry over the fact that water flows once in a week through their taps.
“The trend in this community has always been that the water would flow for barely two hours, and you would have to wait for the next week or two to expect clean drinking water,” he lamented.
Source: Daily Heritage
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