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Celebrating the life of Maya Angelou – Part 2

Global Issues on Bloody Tissues By Kwesi Atta Sakyi 3rd June 2014 Poets dread Where artists tread, If they muddy the waters, Recondite reprobates They are read Words sheathed in red peppery scabbards Can bark and bite Blooding the tissue On which they are inscribed And clouding the issue For which it is described, Blacklisted black scribes Lose penchant vibes That can split the sides, They may win the Pulitzer Prize, They may win the Man Prize, Yet not the Nobel Prize Writer’s angst Artists defer, Artists choose to doodle And dawdle in nudist mode, On triumphant road, Artists rode, With brushes aloft in a rush, Luxuries serious poets cannot blush Nor with glee, gush Taboos, Unprintable words, Consider: Tina’s vagina angina, Has it anything in common With grandpa’s swollen watermelon-size testicles, Or has it something to do with icicles or bicycles? Nor with grandma’s ugly rheumatic lumbago, Taboos place embargo, Long, long ago, Victorian rhetoric rectitude exuded, No innuendo nor uncouth vituperations to undo Panza’s pernicious perilous punishing penis, A puzzling poser it will ever remain, Or consider: Georgina’s curvaceous luscious dangling pelvis, Imagine pretty parting pussies panicky, When osculated and they ogled The ugly gangling ganglion of a Rasputinian Appendage, A bargain not least expected, For which ghastly apparition bevies fainted, And they cried sore to be shunted, Therefore, stories of ordeal sordidly painted HIV/AIDS pandemic, Hot porn Halt pun, Horny and corny homos, Locking antlers with anguished and languishing lesbians! Born free not to freeze, Nor flee from freedom’s fight, Nor to miss the poet’s freedom flight, Fanciful flights of fancy, Gluttonous suggestive paper postures, Glowing red hot diction on canvass posters, Nothing to do with writers’ rosters, Nor roller coasters at Brown or Boston, Maya, literary giant with gusty pistons Writers’ angst Artist glee, Eating ghee With hot potato and cassava puree, Yet, she hasn’t got many a rupee, Save the helpings thrown at parties, And repartee after a sumptuous repast, Many an African American writer dumped on the heaps, At behest of generous self-serving patrons, No Nobel Prize for African American genius, Serious oversight, history will vindicate Michelangelo’s sacred drawings, On Sistine Chapel Ceiling, Sacrilegious gratifitti, Or sacred mementos? Contentious thesis awaiting exegesis Words reign in rain confetti, There’s no ceiling, Holy Grail! King Arthur’s Round table Knights, Excalibur torching its way to Arabian peninsular, Ali Baba in Arabian Nights, Lady of the Lake and Omar Khayyam, Lawrence of Arabia and Pocahontas, Formulaic frontispiece, An abracadabra unmasked, Pensacola, Rontgen rays laid bare ribaldry Cluster bombs clobber Baghdad Hailstorms of geopolitical maelstrom, Nascent lives snuffed out, Nights turned day by incandescent bombs – Victims demand unqualified apologies, Hey, reminiscing Papa Doc in Haitian blues, Comrade Castro in castration coma, Bay of Pigs imbroglio in limbo, My! Bad dad, Captured live on canvass and in verse, No obverse or converse proposition, No one is infallible, In Shakespearian speak, “To err is human, to forgive is divine.” Penitent plenipotentiary popinjay Stands diplomatic akimbo, Foggy American Uncle Tom, In cross swords with Jack English, Torturing American soldiers in Desert Storm, Red Indian Apaches, tomahawks and tom-toms, Beating retreat after meditative retreat in Camp David, International schmoozing in shuttle diplomacy gear, Garden City turns untrimmed bush citadel, Washington bemoans London’s Poseidon demise, Trident blues in strident stride to strike Missiles blues in strident stride to strike Missiles issue staccato style from cowboys’ hip Riding astride Rule Britannia in her Chariot spike London Bridge burnishes bulbous glow, Breaking broiling blisters, On the way to Baghdad, Inquiries burnish Deciphering decision to “war war”, Deeper knowledge to furnish, No time to “jaw jaw” The truth to be untombed In cellars at Number 10 Downing Street, Disquiet over Iraq’s Inquisition, Heavy requisition for Inquisition’s inquest, Disquisitions over Iraq’s Inquisition reverberate, Iran’s sideshow in mannequin bombast, Diplomatic circus goes round in circles, Bleating goats blare and lay it bare, The secret is exhumed, Knowledge is consumed, Lessons learnt soonest unlearnt, In historic iterative sartorial and Satirical diplomatic stylistics Chemical Ali vomits gastronomic guffaws and effusions, Buying time in dress rehearsal for Proper dress down, a palpable clown, Mere window dressing, London and Washington scribes scuffle Over oil for food scam in UN citadel, Issues raised on attempted bribes in muffle Naked truth clothed and enrobed in palpable lies – Were there no Weapons of Mass Destruction? Official lines laced with damnable lies, Amidst spiced definitive international decorum and niceties, Consider Gadaffi in NATO turncoat, What a world of murderous mothers! Maya, Black Queen of literati, rest in peace, Bard of oppressed bevies and divas, go well Email: kwesiattasakyi449@gmail.comSource: Kwesi Atta Sakyi
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