Regional News of 2014-06-06

Residents in low-lying areas to suffer floods until… – NADMO

The Deputy National Coordinator of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), Mr. Sylvester Azantilow says individuals living in low-lying areas will continue to experience floods until they relocate to areas that are not prone to floods.

“We have done our best; we have made Ghanaians aware of what is going to happen this year with the heavy rains. Those who will suffer anything are those who continue to live in the low-lying areas because they have their own reasons,” Mr. Azantilow said.

He said although residents living in those areas had been advised to relocate, they had refused to heed to NADMO’s advice, thus contributing to the problem.

Hours of heavy rainfall on Thursday led to flooding in parts of Accra and the other regions.

The flood caused heavy vehicular traffic while most of the roads were almost impassable.

Describing the flooding in the national capital, Mr. Azantilow added that “the flooding is quite extensive, it is not something that we were expecting because the Meteorological Services has warned us that this year we will have heavy rains and we aware that Accra and its metropolis will suffer some floods.”

Speaking on Eyewitness News, Mr. Azantilow further stated that NADMO had launched an initiative to cater for the individuals affected by the floods.

“Our rescue team is on the stand by and we will visit all the areas to decide what assistance we can give them,” he added.

Mr. Azantilow also said no casualties had been recorded yet, although some individuals had been rendered homeless by the flood.

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