Religion of 2014-06-06

Comment: My humble prayer on a rainy day

God, do you consider the poor when you rain their lives away?

What happened to your promise of never destroying the world again with rains? Thousands of poor and vulnerable lives have just been swept away. And you remain faithful and merciful?

Ok. What is merciful about destroying the farms of the poor or washing away the kiosk, where the single mother and her three boys call home?

The Mokola traders and the circle hawkers wept bitterly as they supervised their entire livelihood washed away. Very depressing.

God, you are bleeding and hurting the hearts of many.

I can't judge you almighty God!

Your son is hurt and merely seeks answers. Where else can we go?

For though you slay us, yet we will hope in you. We feel banished from your sight; yet we will look again towards your holy temple.

I only seek answers My father!

Please remember the poor

Remember us....

Remember us Lord, when you show favour to your people...

Akyena Brantuo Benjamin

Source: Akyena Brantuo Benjamin
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