Business News of 2014-06-09

NCA jabs Vodafone over compensation plan

Citi Business News has learnt the National Communications Authority (NCA) did not sanction moves by Vodafone Ghana to compensate subscribers following last week Tuesday’s nationwide outage of its network.

Subscribers of Vodafone last week Friday started receiving compensation based on the amount of airtime they spent in a day.

Some subscribers of Vodafone have so far received 2 and 10 Ghana cedis worth of airtime.

According to the director of consumer and corporate affairs of the NCA, Nana Defie Badu, “it is good for any operator to realize or even make an attempt to compensate consumers for poor user experience, but on the issue of us being in the know about the compensation detail, no”.

The regulator is demanding that Vodafone submits its Consumer Compensation Plan to the Authority for approval.

“The NCA is yet to receive the actual details of the compensation plan and the reasons Vodafone used to determine the amount of the compensation that was given to subscribers,” Nana Defie Badu stated.

Some consumers groups are demanding wider consultation among all stakeholders in determining the appropriate compensation for subscribers of Vodafone.

Meanwhile the NCA has also banned Vodafone from adding on new subscribers, either through sales and activation of new SIMs or by porting as punishment.

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