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World Cup: Jackie, Dumelo, Becca courts anger of NDC activists

Anger among NDC activists over the decision by the World Cup planning committee to send their celebrities, labeled as Ambassadors, to the upcoming World Cup in Brazil is gradually approaching boiling point!

According to the World Cup Planning Committee, the Ambassadors, Jackie Appiah, John Dumelo and Becca will be using their iconic status to boost the morale of the Black Stars during the tournament. An amount of $20,000 is alleged to have been budgeted to cater for each of the three.

However, this plan does not sit well with many NDC activists. What seems to have even shot their blood levels up is the fact that celebrities like Clement Bonney, aka Mr. Beautiful, Kalsoum Sinare, Bob Okala, Selassi Ibrahim and Amandzeba Nat Brew among a host of others who openly campaigned for the NDC in the run-up to the 2012 elections have been side-stepped by the planning committee in favour of celebrities who either did not campaign for the NDC or who issue disclaimers saying they have not endorsed the NDC.

As far as they are concerned, side-stepping the likes of Mr. Beautiful and Kalsoum Sinare for Becca and John Dumelo is tantamount to practicing “monkey dey work, baboon dey chop” So how do you take a person like John Dumelo along to Brazil and leave behind Mr. Beautiful who is being refused acting roles by producers because he campaigned for the NDC?” an angry Ibrahim Yahya asked rhetorically in an interview with the ‘Daily Post’ yesterday.

Mr. Beautiful, despite being refused acting roles by producers in movies, has openly stated that he has no regrets campaigning for President John Mahama and will do it a thousand times and over if he gets the opportunity.

“If it is to raise funds, which of the three celebrities, Becca, Jackie Appiah or John Dumelo can raise funds more than Kwame Dzokoto of ‘Edziban’ fame, Ibrahim Yahya asked.

“How do you expect a lady like Kalsoum Sinare to feel? This is one person who together with her friends campaigned vigorously for the NDC. Why are they not the ones going to Brazil as ambassadors?” he asked.

The comment by Sam George, also an NDC’s communication team (Commstrat) member, on his facebook wall yesterday perhaps sums up the feeling of anger and despondency among the party activists over the matter. He said, “Jackie Appiah, Becca and John Dumelo et al? I mean how? Where did we go wrong? Now they claim Black Stars cannot win if Shatta Wale and Becca are not singing for them in their rooms or Jackie and John are not acting ‘cine’ live for them? And where is Mr. Beautiful, Bob Okala, Madam Sinare and others who put their careers on the line for us if it is indeed of necessity? Do we learn? Are we blind? Are we jinxed…or are we plainly being politically immature? Something Must Change.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports has it that angry NDC activist of the party have vandalized part of the Minister of Sports’ office and manhandled a senior official of the Ministry over the fact that not even a single ticket was given to the NDC to be given to its supporters to also travel to Brazil to watch the world cup!

Source: Daily Post
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