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There’s something to be tall for - EL

There is something appealing about tall men and Hiphop musician E.L is one person who can vouch for that. He has revealed to Showbiz how his height played a role in winning his heartthrob and how he feels flattered anytime women admire his height.

“I met my girlfriend in a club and she told me later that while the dancing and fun was going on, I stood out. I was the only person she was seeing because of my height," he said.

“If you look at couples, you find that most men are taller than their women. It turns out that height, like many other factors, depends on the individual and their own physical characteristics and what they’re looking for in a mate and if she found that in me and deemed it right to accept my proposal then its cool” he added.

According to the six-foot-six man, it is not only his woman who is attracted to his height. “I get this attention almost every day but I make sure it ends there even though on the contrary, I think accepting someone’s proposal should go beyond physique.

I think a woman feels more feminine when the guy is much taller than her, he towers over her and sometimes it's more about the way he makes her feel than the way he looks," he said.

“I believe that women want men who loom over them because it conforms to gender stereotypes and makes them feel protected and secure”.

On a lighter note, he said his height has not been a barrier at all when he wants to get intimate with his woman. “Whenever we kiss, we meet each other half way. Dating someone who is tall is not as difficult as people perceive it”.

On the negative side, E.L said that he finds it difficult buying the right clothes because of his height. “Because I am tall, most of my trousers tend to hang and so I find it difficult getting all my clothes from Ghana and therefore I do a lot of online shopping.”

E.L. real name Elorm Adablah grew up in Dansoman, Accra. His interest in music production began at a young age. He started rapping in JSS (Martin de Porres School and Jack and Jill Secondary School), was making beats by Senior Secondary School (Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School), and often skipped classes while at the university to record songs in his bedroom.

After graduating from the University of Ghana, Legon, and completing his national service year, the young artiste began producing music full time.

Despite the skepticism of close friends and family, E.L. invested all his funds into building his own recording studio so he could focus on a music career. He developed a musical style fusing R&B, Hiphop and alternative genres.

E.L. has produced for major artistes such as V.I.P, Sarkodie, Trigmatic, Asem, Tinny and many more. He has tracks like Wona Own, See Me Suffer, No Size, Ayaayaa, One Ghana, Obuu Mo, Aunty Martha, Kaalu, Turn The Lights On, Temptation, Life Saver, No Place Like Home, The Last Round and many more.

E.L is under BBnZ Live management. His popular catch line has been “This is crazy chaleee!”

Source: graphic.com.gh
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