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Mutombo Da Poet rhythmically in love

“…Oh Love,

When you see that person who brings sticks

and oceans in your dross… It feels so incredible,

let’s make it unforgettable, We can make it last forever,

it’s alright! Oh Love; And let it blow dust into your eyes,

So you can see clear…; And ditch your theories,

Love is practical… oh Love!!!”

Recognized for his debut album, ‘PhotoSentences,' Percy Osei-Appiah, poetically known as Mutombo Da Poet is a Ghanaian spoken word artiste/poet who earned his stripes as an insightful, humorous and captivating performer and emerged on the burgeoning alternative scene in 2006.

His limelight spoken word album, ‘Photosentences’ is a jargon derived from the actual word ‘Photosynthesis’. The album which was released on April 30, 2012 had 13 poems and the artist paints clear and distinct pictures about his childhood, politics, love and relationships, his native country Ghana and death.

The 13 poems included ‘Changes’, ‘Sweet Memories’, ‘Paddies’ and ‘X-ray’. Other pieces are ‘Ghana; Where I'm from,' ‘I for talk’ featuring M3nsa, ‘My old home,' ‘Just another black boy,' ‘Utopia maybe’ and ‘Socially You,' to mention a few.

With his unique perspective that simply draws you into his world, Mutombo Da Poet may have a speech disability but he is undeniably a prolific performer on the Ghanaian spoken word and poetry industry.

He was among the three young Ghanaians including Ricky Ansong and Lorna Tetteh, the ultimate winner, whom with their dreams participated in the Vodafone #DoMoreGH Campaign, aimed to empower young Ghanaians on social media platforms to achieve more with their lives in November, 2013.

His then new poem, ‘Socially You’ earned him GH?3, 000.00 in the Vodafone #DoMoreGH. The concept of ‘Socially You’ was to draw the minds of people to the effects of social media on interpersonal communication with family and friends.

Being friends with the controversial FOKN music duo, M3nsa and Wanlov Da Kubolor; the book of creativity cannot exempt their names as well as Panji Anoff of Pidgen Music, Waxxi, Kweku Ananse, Alewa, Rhyme Sonny, Sir Black, Lady Jay, Seven and Jason Annan among many, who have contributed and worked immensely with Mutombo Da Poet.

‘Impersonating’ Mutombo Da Poet’s uniqueness…

Well, you may be wondering what it is with the italicised introduction above. Wait; hold on… ok scroll up again, seen those words? Good… Now an unofficial PR to the Poet Don…

Mutombo Da Poet, this time says he is ‘so’ deeply in love with an ‘imaginary’ woman and wants to take the opportunity since it comes once, to explain ‘LOVE’ rhythmically to the masses.

So figuratively, the day he wrote this poem titled ‘Love. The Most Confusing Thing I Had To Explain. Never Doing It Again… Chale’ I was with him and Wanlov in M3nsa’s makeshift studio in his Dansoman residence. Though he can’t really remember what we were doing, I concur with him that M3nsa was working on COZ OV MONI 2, and he asked him for beats.

Pardon ‘us’ if we are telling lies here too but plainly, we can’t in reality remember what he (Mutombo Da Poet) was doing then (funny, since 2013). Well, it is bad to tell petty lies as this but, unfortunately, it cannot be deleted. Too bad nevertheless better!

While ‘squatting’ my small body inside the ‘adonko’ chair beside him in that corner as he wrote that piece, I didn’t really know what I was doing in M3nsa’s makeshift studio; I thought I was profiling Mutombo Da Poet? Oh, Love!

Anyways, so his recent released piece titled, ‘Love, The Most Confusing Thing I Had To Explain. Never Doing It Again…Chale’ is indeed a realistic feeling we have all experienced in our lives.

Mutombo Da Poet has been on shows including Accra [DOT] Alt, Chalewote, African Gypsy, etc. and had the opportunity to host the ‘Uncolonized Concert’ at the Alliance Francaise on May 24, 2014. He has had most of his performances at the Alliance Francaise.

He was featured in ‘COZ OV MONI’ 1 and 2 and also, in ‘Uncle Obama’ video by Sister Deborah.

Once again, pardon me if I could not impersonate the poet, but honestly, this piece was meant to profile Mutombo Da Poet’s uniqueness.… Love Chale!!!

Listen below ‘Love. The Most Confusing Thing I Had To Explain. Never Doing It Again… Chale’;

Watch Spoken word ‘X-Ray’ video by Mutombo Da Poet below:

Source: Ama Larbie - GhanaWeb
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