Business News of 2014-06-13

Stanbic Investment Management Services holds AGM

A Fund Manager at Stanbic Investment Management Services Limited (SIMS) says that even in challenging economic environments people can still generate wealth through investing.
Peggy Adomaa Denkyi, who manages SIMS’ Stanbic Cash Trust (SCT), an open-ended unit trust, said the company has the required capacity to deliver positive results to unit holders.
Presenting the SCT Manager’s report at its maiden Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Accra, Ms Denkyi noted that the fund which begun a year ago had returned 23% on invested funds in 2013.
Stanbic Cash Trust (SCT) was launched in November 2012 with an amount of GH¢ 300,000.00 on offer. The initial public offering raked in a total of GH¢ 1,943,935.00 which represented an oversubscription of 548% from 239 unit holders. SCT began trading on the 18th of December 2012 at an initial price of GH¢ 1.000.
She told the unit holders that SCT closed the year 2013 at a price of GH¢ 1.23 with total assets under management of GH¢ 3.99 million which is more than double the initial amount raised.
The Fund Manager said that the economic growth in 2013 was achieved in difficult circumstances. Inflation, for example, increased from 8.8% in January to 13.5% in December 2013, driven by the upward adjustments in petroleum and utility prices.
She added that SCT generated a total earning of GH¢ 631, 377 in 2013 resulting in a net return of 23% on invested funds. This was higher than the average 91-day Treasury bill rate of 22% for 2013 and the year-on-year inflation of 13.5% for the same year.
SCT closed the year 2013 with 12% of assets under management in government notes, 17% in corporate notes and 69% in money market securities.
Looking ahead, Ms Denkyi told the investors that even though the economic outlook for 2014 is weak with twin deficit burden remaining a destabilising influence on economic outcomes, SIMS was confident that it could apply its skill and resources to achieve high risk adjusted returns for its clients.
Source: GNA
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