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Going back into time with Vintage & Vinyl

On Saturday 14th June JamJar events and The Golden Stool Project are creating a night that will give you a chance to hear and dance to the night away to memorable Ghanaian and African music.

Held at the well known Nubuke Foundation Garden, the night will showcase neo-traditional music from Dela Botri and Hewale Soundz followed by a dance session to the best Ghanaian music from the 70s played strictly on vinyl carefully selected from the vinly collection of Volta45.

The late 60s and 70s in Ghana was and always will be considered The Golden Age of Ghanaian Music; this period laid the foundation for the explosion of the distinctive Afro sound and the emergence of bands and musicians like Hedzoleh sounds, Pagadeja, Boombaya, Ebo Taylor, Fela Kuti, Gydeu Blay Ambolley to name a few.

Post Independent Ghana and the new found sense of national identity created the perfect atmosphere for musical creativity and artistic innovation.

It was the Era of real bands and real musicians. Records released on vinyl during that era still continue to shape the music we hear today.

The Golden Stool Project/Afro-Palace Sessions London based creative head Bernard Johnson-Tackie (Volta45) - record collector, writer and radio presenter and dj has for the past 8 years been scouring the every corner of West Africa in search of vinyl records.

His extensive collection of rare West African records encompassing highlife, Afrobeat, folk/traditional, hard hitting funk drenched with African rhythms has made him an in demand DJ especially on the festival circuit in Europe.

Tickets are only 20 Cedis and can be purchased from Nubuke Foundation or on the door. You can also contact info@jamjargh.com for more information.

Source: GhanaWeb
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