Business News of 2014-06-13

Demand for Pellegrino bottled water soars in Ghana

For the very first time, Ghanaians now have the answer to boosting their health – and it’s conveniently available in a plastic bottle.

S. Pellegrino water is sourced directly from the famous natural springs of Northern Italy, making it the healthiest water in the country. Already available in glass bottles at top restaurants across the country, S.Pellegrino is now in stores obtainable in one litre and half a litre plastic bottles.

Commenting on the news, marketing manager at drinks distributors, IMEXCO Ghana, Ms Esther Yap said, “Consumers, food connoisseurs and famous chefs often refer to S.Pellegrino as the 'champagne of waters' because of its light refreshing and mineral taste that stimulates appetites during a meal.

The brand is associated with many prestigious food events around the world and now, thanks to the waters availability in plastic bottles, we are able to ensure the everyday customer can easily purchase a bottle from supermarkets and stores.

It’s the same great quality taste, made more accessible.”

S.Pellegrino water is packed with minerals that are only found from mountain springs and is scientifically proven to be vital for optimum health. And when a shocking ninety-percent of your body is made up of water, why would you risk putting anything but the best inside of you?

Passionate about their product, IMEXCO are giving the public an opportunity to try before they buy by organizing tasting sessions in select supermarkets. Look out for sessions near you!

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