Business News of 2014-06-13

‘Women’s role in water resource management crucial’

The Deputy Managing Director of the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), Mr Senya Amengo, has underscored the role of women in water management practices and projects in the country.

He said there was the need to include women in efforts aimed at improving the management of water resources and access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation.

“Very often, these efforts overlook the central role of women in water management practices and projects,” he said.

Speaking at the launch of the 25th anniversary of the Ghana Water Ladies Association of the GWCL, Mr Amengo noted that it was necessary to mainstream gender perspectives into all water projects, “so that the needs of both women and men are met”.

The 25th anniversary is on the theme: “Empowering Women for Development in the Water Sector”.

He said with the current climate change and its deliberating effects and growing population rates leading to the dwindling supply of fresh water yearly, “it is necessary for us to understand the importance of incorporating gender into water policy and management to give women the chance to apply their wealth of knowledge in this regard”.

Water resources

According to him, women should be involved in deciding the location of wells and water pumps because the poor location of these resources had negative effects on the lives of women and girls.

Mr Amengo said in many less-developed countries, women were primarily responsible for the use of water resources, noting that as a result of their dependence on water, “women have accumulated considerable knowledge about water resources, including location, quality and storage methods”.

He commended the association for its support and contribution to the advancement of the GWCL over the years and pledged management’s continued support to it.

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