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l am not a prophet of doom

.... neither am l a devils advocate but in sooth,Ghanians abhor the word truth.
Patriotism is not factual and does not access world cup performance. Ghanians,do support Kwasi Appiah, whether good or bad just because he is a local coach and has qualified us to the world cup.There is so much trouble within the teams camp in terms of disciplinary cases, but all have been hidden to safe guard, Kwasi Appiah.
Some of the senior players like Muntari, are uncontrollable at the camp,he demonstrated one of such act in South Korea,warm up game after been substituted. Black stars, defends, as far as our group opponents are concern,is the most weakest. Despite, beaten Korea by 4 unanswered goals,they could penetrate our defends at will and you can imagine, what would have happened if they had potent strikers.
Beaten Korea 4-0, is not the solution because, the likes of Croatia and Mexico too had beaten them the same number of goals,the only difference ,being the broken of the myth of not beaten any team outside African continent before. The luck,, that helped Ghana in the previous tournament will this time elude them because of the group that we are in.
We should accept the fact that, world cup advancement for the minnows is based upon the group they found themselves,Ghana, is not better than the Ivorian, national team but they were unfortunate to have been landed in difficult groups at the world cup twice.Kwasi Appiah ,starting eleven,l supposed was the one that thrashed the weakest Korean side but he won the match without any tactical play or formation.No wonder,Mr Abe Pobea,one of the Football Association critics in Ghana, sworn on Akyaa sports, ''that the day Ghana wins the world cup, the world would come to an end''.
Kwasi Appiah,main problem which l am disclosing to him today is,he has been surrounded by some wolfs, who are not workers at the FA but because of their opportunistic and selfish attitude,travel with the team any where they go. . Appiah, would be a victim of failure by taken advise from such group of people who eats from their canniness and failure by nature ,even in marriage.Only divine intervention or great miracle could lift the team from the group unless the FA takes my advice and drop such people from the contingent.l wont mention their names, but there is one particular person in the black stars traveling contingent who knows himself as bad luck for the team progress.
l am done.
Raymond Yeboah
Source: Raymond Yeboah
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