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Students accuse Anglican Bishop of religious intolerance

The Ejuraman Anglican Senior High School GMSA group and the muslim inhabitants in Ejura have indicted head of Anglican Churches in Ghana, Rt. Reverend Daniel Sarfo Yinkah of frustrating and confusing muslim students in the school in an attempt to completely halt Islamic practices and activities in the school.

"For [the] past 8yrs, the Bishop and his people have been stopping us from a complete mosque because they think we will use [mosque] to propagate Islam in the school. Isn't that ridiculous?" The GMSA group quizzed.

They made further claims of worshiping in the open scorching sun and having praying materials exposed to rain and excretes of animals.

The students blamed the Bishop and the headmaster, Mr. Govee Hulude, of being puritanical and harsh on Islamic practices in the school.

"A second year General Arts student (name withheld) was forced to revert to a former religion after being converted to Islam which has confused the girl," They exposed.

The said girl confirmed the incident to this reporter.

They added, "Muslim students are constraint to neglect the Zuhr and Asir prayers and only offered them when they are away from the school; Muslim teachers are also suppressed and completely without authority."

Executives of the group questioned the authority of the Anglicans over the school and described them as 'parasitic'

"Since 2004, the Anglicans came, the only thing they can boast of is the school sign post, and even if that, they wanted the name 'Anglican' to reflect; meanwhile, every year each student pays Ghc30 as a contribution to the Anglican church."

Mr. Edward Awiagah, Assistant Headmaster in-charge of academics who spoke on behalf of the headmaster and Rev. Sarfo expressed shock and worry about the matter.

However, he justified that, authorities suspended the building of the mosque because the GMSA group and their leaders had refused to go by a decision that was agreed to at a meeting with Rev. Daniel Sarfo Yinkah, chairman of the Board of Governors.

He revealed that, in the said meeting, it was mutually agreed that a pavilion should be put up and not a complete structure per the Anglicans' conventions.

In a sharp response, Mr. Awiagah completely denied accusations of harassment and abuse.

"This is an Anglican school, but we respect every religion and we have never interfered in any practice," Awiagah rebutted.

Source: Eliasu Tanko
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