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Workshop on transparent tax system held in Bolgatanga

Action Aid Ghana (AAG) organised a workshop to sensitize civil society organisations operating in Bolgatanga on tax justice and the need for government to institute transparent tax system.

The workshop had its theme “progressive tax, progressively spent” and was aimed at setting the agenda on propriety and collates ideas from participants to shape government policy on revenue mobilization in the country and to enhance revenue generation for fair resource distribution.

Outcome of the workshop would be fed into a national advocacy campaign by AAG which is geared towards enforcement of tax policies and laws that would enhance revenue mobilization, investments and quality social services.

Mr Emmanuel Budu Addo , Head of Finance of AAG said the awareness creation would increase knowledge of citizens on prevalence in the dodging of taxes by organizations that result in revenue loss to government, which subsequent decrease capacity of government in the provision of quality social services and amenities.

Mr Addo indicated that social amenities such as schools were vital and said when such amenities were improved it would enhance standards of education in the country and improve livelihoods of the people.

The workshop is premised on low revenue mobilization in developing countries arising from differential tax incentive policies of their governments and the use of aggressive tax avoidance and evasions by multinational companies.

Mr Addo pointed out the phenomenal gaps and loopholes in the country’s tax net and said that needed to be addressed citing issues such as denial of citizen’s economic rights because of non-involvement in public discussions around taxation.

He indicated that the sensitization and creation of awareness would be organized in all the regions of Ghana to increase knowledge and help the citizenry challenge government as well as help to improve on physical policies to bring sanity in revenue mobilization.

Source: GNA
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