Entertainment of 2014-06-15

Yvonne Okoro: I am not broke!

No nonsense actress Yvonne Okoro has vented her spleen at those involved in the brouhaha over her recent ‘repeated dress,' saying, “I will repeat my dress.”

Yvonne, last week, repeated a yellow Karen Millen modern tribal dress she wore in August 2012 at Showbiz Honours on a movie set in Nigeria.

Subsequent media reports claimed that the actress decided to repeat the dress because “she is broke.”

But the beautiful award-winning actress described the claims as “unintelligent and childish.”

She said she found it difficult to comprehend how “any learned person” would think that repeating a dress determined one’s bank account.

“I will repeat my dress anytime I want to. I don’t owe anybody any explanation. Billionaires and millionaires all over the world can repeat dresses and its fine, but we can’t. Who is arresting me for doing so? The inspector dress or the FBI of clothes?” Yvonne Okoro made a fun of her critics when NEWS-ONE contacted her yesterday.

Earlier, she took to instagram to react to the claims, advising young girls, “…if it looks that good let no one tell you, you can’t wear more than once. Bring back our girls to reality.”

She also denied claims about how she acquired her Mercedes Benz.

Source: News1ghana.com
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