General News of 2014-06-15

Minister dazzles foot-soldier with hefty slap

The Ministries Police Station in Accra is investigating circumstances under which the Minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation, Dr. Joe Oteng-Adjei, allegedly engaged himself in a public fight last Tuesday and beat a full grown man to pulp.
The complainant, Ahmed Owusu, was on Wednesday issued a police medical form to seek medical attention as he complained of a lacerated jaw and severe pains.
As at the time of filing this report, Dr. Oteng Adjei was yet to be invited to the police station and could also not be reached for his version of the story.
The complainant recounted his alleged ordeal to NEWS-ONE:
“We went to his office three weeks ago but he said he would not see us because we do not have an appointment with him so we saw his secretary and booked an appointment for Tuesday June 10, at 3:00pm. When we got there on Tuesday, we met him at the car park moving into his car and so we walked to him and reminded him of the appointment and the fact that we had to wait for three weeks.
“He rather got angry and said we should go and look for work instead of coming to beg for money from government appointees. I then got offended and told him we are not after his money and that the way he was speaking to us was insulting so he should respect himself but he got angry and started moving towards me saying he would slap me if I dare spoke to him that way.
“I replied that if he slapped me, I would return the slap because I was not his child and that if he was busy he should reschedule the appointment. But before I realised he was in front of me. He raised his hands up, widened his palms and slapped me hard. I got dazed and staggered a bit. I was walking with my friend so my friend, George, held the Minister’s hands and restrained him from giving me more slaps. His Police bodyguard was also there and went for my friend so there was a little scuffle and shouting and everyone on the compound was watching us.
“But he did not even feel shy and was bragging and saying all sorts of things. I did not want to mind him so I brought out my phone and called Ben Ephson to report the matter to him. I also called Abeiku Santana to report to him. But the Minister said if I like I should go to hell and that he does not care who I report him to,” Ahmed Owusu recounted.
The complainant claimed he was with his friend George when the incident happened and that it was he who restrained the Minister from unleashing more slaps.
He said they had gone to the ministry to discuss business opportunities with the Minister.
Owusu introduced himself as a foot-soldier of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) who had done party work for several of the party’s bigwigs.
Dr. Oteng Adjei neither picked his calls nor replied a text message the paper sent to him over the story.
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