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Must Ghanaian celebrities succumb to societal pressure and demands?

Over the past few weeks, most online portals have been crowded with stories of some Ghanaian celebrities either repeatedly wearing particular dresses or making money from sleeping around and bla bla bla.

In all these situations, some of the mentioned celebrities have come out denying and expressing their dissatisfaction at such publications however, only one question comes to mind…..And so WHAT?

I find it interesting when we as bloggers go about poking our noses into virtually every situation just to have traffic but hey, we all have our orientations and directions we wish to go, that makes the industry an interesting one.

Now back to the relevant issue. Must Ghanaian celebrities succumb to pressure from society? I may deviate somehow but don’t worry because you will still get the import of what I mean.

Taking into consideration, news of Yvonne Okoro repeating a yellow dress from last two years. It is true we wish to see our celebrities smile for the cameras in dashing outfits but do we really know how much they make and what they use their monies for?

I find it funny that we expect these celebrities to wear outfits once and throw them into the bins. Like seriously? This doesn't happen everywhere and we must not forget the Westerners we often want to compare ourselves to are most often sponsored by these clothing companies hence their constant change of outfit.

Yes!! We might go ahead and say, being a celebrity comes with so many benefits and so they must also shut up and live up to the bidding. Well, what do we expect from society when these same celebrities post pictures of themselves during their first class travels and all? We might not be wrong to demand so much of them then.

I must say it is never easy being in the limelight as society expects too much from you. Hardly would you be able to buy “waakye” from that favourite joint. You can’t join public transport such as Trotro or get unto the VIP bus when travelling from Accra to Kumasi. You are then faced with the challenge of getting on board a flight.

The above stated are just few scenarios where society mounts pressure on the Ghanaian celebrity. On some occasions, society does not expect celebrities to make some pronouncements or utterances despite very harsh words used on them by the ordinary Ghanaian. I wonder if we see them as supernatural beings and do not have the same blood running through their veins.

On so many occasions, we have heard stories of how some celebrities have had to resort to drugs and other illegal practices just to live up to pressures and demands of the society and is that where we wish to see our own get to? It is never wrong in criticising positively but condemning and expecting too much, NOPE!!

Tune in to one regular entertainment review show and you may feel like puking when you hear adjectives being implored to describe our celebrities when they make bad news. You only go like, WOW!! It is time we stopped behaving as hypocrites and accepted that these celebrities are equally human as we are and can react just as we would do.

On some occasions, we hear people say, “Why would a celebrity speak like that?”. Yeah, celebrity so?

I just feel you have more to share and could comment below this article. I believe we must allow these celebs be themselves as we even lead them lives that are not of them but shouts to some of my celeb friends who do not give a hoot about what people say and always remain themselves.

Source: nydjlive.com
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