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Glico Life sets up life insurance clinics

GLICO Life Insurance Company (GLICO LIFE) has set up life insurance Clinics nationwide to offer ‘healthier’ solutions to life insurance policyholders.
Policyholders at GLICO LIFE who need personalised services on their policies visit the life insurance Clinics for diagnosis and treatment. Policyholders who also need clarifications on policy documents, statements, premium deductions, policy riders among others also receive expert information, often in the local dialect, for the needed peace of mind.
Explaining the rationale for the life insurance Clinics, the Head of Individual Life Marketing Operations, Mrs. Vera Haizel-Cobbina, indicated that introduction of the life insurance Clinics are to offer policyholders convenient customer services in fulfilment of GLICO LIFE’s objective of “bringing insurance to the doorstep of every Ghanaian household”.
She stated that, “our market intelligence and customers feedback revealed that mostof our policyholders, even though may need specialised services with their policy, find it burdensome to travel to a GLICO Office or call for solutions”. Most of the time, Mrs. Haizel-Cobbina acknowledged, policy holders suffer from inertia as a result of today’s busy and demanding lifestyles. With this insight, GLICO LIFE is bringing policy solutions to the doorsteps of their policyholders.
Mrs. Haizel-Cobbina further added that equipped by the age-old wisdom that life insurance is sold and not bought, GLICO LIFE as a pacesetter has set up these life insurance Clinics to offer much closer location-based and face-to-face expert information and solutions to policyholders.
Asked whether the insurance Clinics replace the practice of Sales Executives servicing clients, Mrs.Haizel-Cobbina remarked that the insurance Clinics are an addition to the existing GLICO LIFE customer service structures in place which offer clients efficient and delightful customer service experiences.
“Our Sales Executives will continue servicing clients across the length and breadth of Ghana; our call centre will continue offering exceptional customer service solutions, and all our well-trained customer service executives will carry on providing personalised solutions to clients. We are leaving no stone unturned.”
The Head of Individual Life Marketing Operations, concluded the interview by adding that the life insurance Clinics, commenced the last quarter of 2013, have received tremendous patronage.
“Our GLICO-branded mobile clinics spend about a week at each identified organisation; and are moving from one institution to the other, nationwide, to provide specialist care to our cherished policyholders. To date, a total of 100 mobile Clinics have been held. Our plan is to extend this further to district centres and concentrated policyholders’ neighbourhoods.”
Commenting on the introduction of the life insurance clinics, the Managing Director of GLICO LIFE, Mr. Forkuo Kyei, remarked that: “Customer service has been and still is our main focus at GLICO LIFE. We believe that we are in business as a result of the unwavering confidence our policyholders repose in us. We are therefore going all out to fulfil our promise of ‘We cushion you for life’.”
He further added: “You will recall that two years ago our theme for celebrating 25 years of successful business operations in Ghana was ‘25 years together in business: Our customers; our focus’. Customer service thus is part of our strategies to reclaim our leadership position in the life insurance sector. And, the life insurance Clinics are one of such innovations to achieve this objective”.
Presently, GLICO LIFE has a network of 21 Agencies, Branches and Area Offices in all the ten regions of Ghana. In effect, it seeks to strengthen its position in the market.
Source: B&FT
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