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Noeline Tsifokpor Virolle— National Best Female Blood Donor

People have varied reasons for giving out their blood. Some give blood because they are asked by a friend.

Some know that a family member or a friend might need blood some day, while many donate because of emergencies facing loved ones.Others just believe it is the right thing we do.It is one of these reasons that has motivated Miss Noeline Tsifokpor Virolle to constantly donate blood for a healthy and reliable blood supply in Ghana.

At the age of 33, Noeline who belongs to the blood group A+ has donated blood 25 times in 16 years, making her the National Best Female Blood Donor.

Reasons for donating?Noeline said when she was a child, she once watched the news on television and heard that a woman had lost her life during childbirth because she could not get blood to save her life and baby.

"I was so touched by that particular news that I told my parents that when I grow up I will donate some of my blood to save life," she explained.?True to her word, Noeline started donating blood in 1999 when she was in secondary school at the St John's Grammar School in Achimota.

Her dream to donate blood came true when a team of health professionals came and organised a blood donation session for her school, as is being done in most schools in recent times.

Recalling that occasion, she said: "To confess, much as it had always been my wish to donate blood, I was a bit scared when the health professionals from the blood bank visited our school. Some of my friends said they didn't have enough blood to donate and these were people who were bigger and taller than I. But I mustered courage and went through a counselling session."

According to her, before she was first made to donate, she had to go through series of medical tests by the health officials to ensure that she is very fit and had enough blood to donate.

"In fact, some of my friends who expressed interest to donate couldn't pass the test so they could not donate but I did and I was very proud and felt good knowing I have helped change a life," she added.

Blood donation sprees

During her school days at St John's, she donated twice in 1999 and 2000. Afterwards, she decided to get in touch with one Mr Ayi, formerly of the Blood Bank at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, to inform her on upcoming blood donation exercises for her to donate.

"Mr Ayi did well to inform me, so I was able to donate regularly.”

Unfortunately, Mr Ayi travelled out of the country and so I lost touch with activities of the blood bank until recent times. I believe I would have donated more than 25," she smiled.

Noeline disclosed that apart from the blood bank she also donates to churches and institutions occasionally. She averages three donations in a year.

Just last Saturday, June 14, which was the World Blood Donor Day, she went to donate. With the desperate cry for blood donors by the National Blood Bank this week, Noeline’s attitude must motivate others to step forward too.

Asked whether she takes any special diet, which is the reason why she is able to donate thrice every year, Noeline who weighs about 50kg says she eats well and takes a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Family/Educational background

Noeline was born to Mr Timothy Tsifokpor Virolle and Madam Rose Doryo on December 24, 1981. She is the first of seven siblings and hails from Keta in the Volta Region.

She started school at Ann's Preparatory School at North Kaneshie, a suburb of Accra. Currently, she is a professional caterer and the Proprietress of Virolle Brain Academy at Tantra Hill, near St John's in Accra.

She was recently honoured by the National Blood Bank as the National Best Female Blood Donor.

Her male counterpart is 59-year-old Mr Delphinus Kofi Nordor, a teacher in Accra. He had donated 64 times in 30 years.

With the desperate cry for blood donors by the National Blood Bank this week, Noeline’s attitude must motivate others to step forward too.

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