General News of 2014-06-23

Christian Council mourns Maulvi Wahab Adam

The Christian Council of Ghana has received with great pain and sorrow the news of the death of Maulvi Dr Wahab A. Adam, the Ameer and Missionary in charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Ghana.
The Council conveys its heartfelt and deepest condolences to the families of this great Ghanaian fallen religious leader, his family and the entire members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Ghana and across the world.
The Council recalls fondly the tremendous role played by Maulvi Wahab Adams in facilitating religious harmonization and peace through various platforms such as the Ghana Conference on Religions and Peace (GCRP) which he co-chaired. The GCRP which brought together leaders of the various religious bodies in Ghana worked assiduously with various stakeholders to ensure religious cohesion and national peace across the country.
Our Council has over the years worked with Maulvi Dr Wahab A. Adam on various religious and developmental issues and has enjoyed a very cordial working relationship with him which further entrenches his passion for unity, irrespective of one’s religious inclinations. This was further made tangible by the exchange of platforms between his mission and the Christian Council of Ghana. One of such recent engagements was when he invited the Christian Council of Ghana to share a fraternal message at its 82nd National Jalsa Salana (Convention) held at Pomadze in the Central Region of Ghana in April 2014.
His commitment to the ideals of peace and religious harmony, together with his unique wisdom as a statesman will always be an example to religious leaders around the world.
Of a truth, he has shown to the world that, people of diverse religious inclinations can dwell together to facilitate national development. He has also proven to the world that religious tolerance is one of the surest ways to develop our Country and Africa.
A giant among men has passed away. In the demise of Maulvi Dr Wahab A. Adam, Ghana and Africa have lost a great peace maker of our age.
We admonish his family and members of the Ahmadiyya Mission with these words from Matthew 5:9, which read “God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God.”
May his soul rest in peace.
Rev. Dr. Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong
General Secretary
Source: Christian Council of Ghana
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