Health News of 2014-06-24

137 physician assistants inducted

One hundred and thirty seven qualified physician assistants (PAs) have been inducted into the Medical and Dental Council practice as professionals.

They would, among other things, diagnose and treat illnesses, prescribe medications, conduct physical examinations, counsel on preventive healthcare, interpret laboratory results and may assist in surgery.

Administering the Hippocratic Oath to the PAs, the Chairman of the Medical and Dental Council, Dr Eric Asamoa, charged them to aspire to the best in whatever they did. He said the responsibilities of physician assistants could not be overemphasised, adding that the lives of patients were in their care.

He congratulated them on their efforts and dedication throughout their studies, admonishing them to pursue excellence in their profession. Dr Asamoa further advised them to be up to the task at all times and endear themselves to their patients.

In a short address, a member of the Medical and Dental Council, Dr Constance Addo-Yobo, called on the newly inducted PAs to develop good communication skills to help them address the needs and demands of their patients.

“As a physician assistant, you must listen to your patients and identify their challenges. You’re expected to attach a high level of professionalism and commitment to your job, ” she advised.

Dr Addo-Yobo further advised them to not misconduct themselves, saying they were examples to many in the society. She impressed on them to renew their licences when the time was due, to avoid having problems with the law.

A physician specialist and lecturer at the University of Ghana Medical School, Dr Ernest Yorke, told the inductees that they had a social contract to ensure that they lived in good health, describing that contract as unwritten.

That, according to him, meant that the PAs had no reason to disappoint their clients or patients. He also drew their attention to the fact that patients had rights which should be respected, pointing out that, “a patient has the right to refuse the medication you may want to give to him.”

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