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Samini under fire over Awards: What really happened?

It's quite unfortunate that some people think that the rivalry between Samini and Shatta Wale is just a marketing tool used by the two artistes to sell their brands. In as much as the two artistes may be benefitting from the rivalry, it must be emphasized that deep within the hearts of the two artistes, they have something against each other.

In the wake of Bulldog`s detention, many people could not understand why Shatta Wale did not show up at the court even though his dad did. However, it was later on confirmed that Shatta Wale had visited Bulldog a day before the first court proceedings and even wept uncontrollably.

The rivalry between the Bullhaus Entertainment's Shatta Wale and High Grade's Samini which has been on for quite some time now is an issue everybody within the entertainment knows about. In as much as there have been attempts to resolve the differences of the two artistes, as I speak, there hasn't been any headway.

I expect that, notwithstanding the long standing rivalry between the two camps, Samini would have done himself some good by visiting Bulldog. Visiting Bulldog would have earned Samini some amount of respect in the eyes of industry players and some followers of Shatta Wale. I am of the firm belief that Bulldog would even have appreciated such a gesture.

It however seems that, the rivalry between the two camps may have generated into some sort of hatred. I say this because based on very reliable information I have, for the number of days Bulldog spent in police cells, Samini never visited Bulldog to encourage him in those hard times. He didn't even send any words of encouragement through any of his management team members to be delivered to Bulldog.

One thing that is very clear is that, whiles in police custody, Bulldog never expected to see Samini. Assuming Samini had visited him, Bulldog would have been touched and probably changed his stance on the Shatta Wale-Samini issue. Based on the ''love'' shown to Bulldog by Samini while in police cells, I guess I wouldn't be wrong to say that the rivalry between Samini and Shatta Wale would last longer than expected.

Meanwhile, the information that came out that Samini has won the Best International Act in the just ended Black Canadian Awards has proven to be false after checks with the organizers have cleared that Samini did not win any category like that. Truthfully, the award was won by Trinidad and Tobago`s artiste Destra Garcia and not the Highgrade boss aka Daddy Samini. Initially, Samini`s manager Tony Pun had signed a press statement that his artiste won the award in far away Canada but it has been confirmed to be false.

Source: flexghana.com
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