Entertainment of 2014-06-25

Socrates Sarfo predicts doom for the Ghana movie industry

Movie producer Socrates Sarfo says Ghana's movie industry will go down the drain sooner than later.

In an interview on the Scoop on Hitz FM, Mr. Sarfo revealed his decision not to fund movie production from his personal resources because, it is not economically sensible to do so in the industry's current state.

He would rescind his decision only when he sees visible changes he has been fighting for take effect, he stated.

"An industry has been created to kill an industry. The movie industry has been sacrificed for free TV viewing and when the quality falls, which it will soon, the people won't even want to watch it for free on TV anymore due to poor quality," Socrates grieved.

According to him, despite the support the industry is enjoying from President John Mahama, stakeholders do not believe the future looks bright.

He maintained, the only time he would be involved in movie making is when he is sponsored, contracted by someone or a group.

Source: Sidney Haizel-Hitz FM
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