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Diabetes is deadly - KECHE

Joshua Ampah and Andrew Cudjoe also known as Keche, over the years have flooded the Ghanaian music industry with a lot of great songs, which have topped the music charts over the years, songs like Sokode, Gaga, Body Lotion, Cocoa season, Aluguitugui, Pressure and many more.
Keche has recently released a new single titled Diabetes which features Bisa K'Dei. This single has a catchy chorus with rich lyrical content, which listeners and fans will enjoy. This song has a lower tempo compared to all Keche's hit tracks, and appeals more to women and listeners who enjoy slow tempo music.
This song talks about how sweet a woman's love is, and this love tends to give him the disease diabetes.
They also highlight on the fact that women are important and no love could be sweeter and compared to the love of a woman. This single in the past weeks has made tremendous head way and it’s bound to top the Ghanaian music charts.
Keche promises more hit tracks in the future and released this single to tease fans and listeners, and to tell them to expect bigger things this year and the years to come.
Away from the song their manager Mr. George Britton added: we are working tirelessly to embark on a Diabetes Campaign. We've realise how deadly the disease is.
There were 440,000 cases of Diabetes in Ghana last year. We are going to do everything in our power as public figures to help curb the disease.
We won't say much for now, at the right time we will embark on the campaign.
Source: George Britton
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