Business News of 2014-06-25

UK trade mission in Ghana

This year’s annual trade mission of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) is scheduled to be held on Thursday, June 26.

Representatives from three energy and 11 multi-sectorial companies will be participating in the event.

The mission from the United Kingdom will be led by Subhash Thakrar, the Deputy President of LCCI.

“I look forward to leading this mission,” Mr Thakrar said.

“There is great emphasis on boosting trade from the UK to Africa, and this mission presents an ideal platform for companies to explore Africa’s emerging economies and important markets like Ghana.”

He said the mission will consider the visit to Ghana as an opportunity to share business experience on developing trade links between West Africa and LCCI delegates.

A wide range of products and services will be promoted by the companies on the missions.

The products include photographic paper, laboratory equipment, lighting equipment and woodwork machinery.

The mission participants have stated that they are looking for local representatives, qualified distributors or agents and clients to do business with.

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