Religion of 2014-06-26

Welcome Back My Beloved!

Twelfth lunar months ago you departed from me though my heart was yearning for your permanent stay. My heart ached and my body shivered. I was then contemplating the numerous benefits I am to miss; your love, beauty, fondness and sweetness among others. Thankfully, Allah the Magnificent answered my prayers and I can hear you knocking on my door. Though I have been yearning for your coming, my preparedness, truth be told, is very little. I am just wondering and imagining how I am going to receive you. Can my little room you abandoned twelfth lunar months ago accommodate both of us? Will my evil heart be able to withstand your clean and clear conscience? Will the little Chinese lamp in my room be able to face your sublime beauty and brightness? I kept on wondering about these and many more; and the more I yearn and wait on you the more anxious I become. My dear love, during the period of your absence, though I promised to be faithful and loyal to the values you trained me on, I sincerely speaking, totally failed. Numerous times have I cheated on you? My eyes which I promised will not look at anything forbidden has really gone beyond that to request for the forbidden, my legs have carried me places if not for Allah’s mercy are totally unpardonable, my heart have always desired for the fruitless and harmful substances and my hands were always quick to touch what will always make me regret. My love, the one I fear most to tell you is that of my mouth. It has transgressed all bounds. It fed my innocent stomach with food that comes from wrong sources, abused and disrespected others it should have cherished and adored, lied on numerous occasions when it could have simply stayed on the path of truth and deceived and manipulated many of my sisters when it could have simply spoken with truth and dignity to them. My love, as at this time of your knocking my door, I know you are once again sent by Allah the Supreme Creator. You have promised to once again stay with me for only thirty days. You told me the last time around that our Creator said in those 30days is FORGIVENESS, MERCY and ADMITTANCE TO PARADISE. I believe in this promise and I hope to receive these blessings. You equally told me about how you enjoyed the last ten days of the month you stayed with me especially that unique night. That night I can never forget. That night you said you enjoyed it more than staying 83years on this fleeting world. I know I am not good at keeping promises but I hope we will enjoy this year’s last ten days better than any other year. My dear Ramadan, welcome to my home. Welcome to my house which for a long time has been yearning for you. Allah the Almighty sent you as a mercy to humanity. You are a month full of love, peace, joy and mercy. The brotherhood exhibited whenever you come around; if it is maintained for the other 11months will have made the world a better place. The charity and solidarity of even the most wicked and heartless of people is splendid. The miser and greedy throw away their established qualities and embrace generosity and charity. My dear love, I honestly yearn for us to meet and enjoy our dawn meal together not forgetting the splendid evening dinner we have been enjoying together. Allah the Revealer has blessed you and may HE the Most Gracious bestow His abounding Mercy, Peace and Blessings on the Last and Final Prophet and Messenger, Muhammad, and all those who follow the path of guidance till the day of Judgement. Fuseini Abdul-Fatawu 0208377488Source: Fuseini Abdul-Fatawu
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