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Fake agrochemicals boom in Ghana - dealer

A Kumasi-based agrochemicals dealer has disclosed that many dealers driven by passion for money are importing fake agrochemicals into the country.
The Chief Executive Officer of Aboboyaa Enterprise, Mr Gideon Seidu, told The Finder that the resultant effects of the nefarious activities of these unscrupulous businessmen are untold hardship to farmers due to low harvest and possible health hazards to consumers of such farm produce.
According to him, the practice also puts the lives of farmers and other workers involved in the value-chain process in danger as they come into contact with these fake chemicals since they may not have all the necessary information on the precautionary measures to take.
Mr Seidu explained that the fake chemicals also cause irreparable damage to the soil as some of the ingredients may be detrimental to the environment.
He stated that the business of genuine importers has slowed as farmers fear patronising their chemicals.
He called on stakeholders to join forces and declare war on fake importers of agrochemicals and flush them out of the system.
Mr Seidu said the counterfeiters have been able to succeed due to the low literacy rate among farmers, who are unable to detect the differences, thus making it easier for the dealers in these fake agrochemical products to succeed in their trade.
He noted that the main challenge facing the sector now has to do with finding strategies to deal with the fake importers.
He expressed concern that the dealers evade Ghana Standards Board and Environmental Protection Agency requirements, yet are able to clear their goods at the port.
He noted that some of the counterfeiters had perfected the act such that some of the fake products can escape the scrutiny of trained professionals.
He advised dealers in agrochemical products and inputs to always deal with registered companies that have registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and cautioned farmers to always ensure that all the products they buy are approved by the EPA.
The Chief Executive Officer of Agro Hao Com Limited in Shangai, China, Hao Li suppliers of Aboboyaa Chemicals, said their products are supplied to over 17 countries in the world.
He added that having been in the agrochemicals processing industry for over 15 years, they have taken upon themselves to produce top-quality products which have no adverse effects on crops and customers.
Source: The Finder
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