Music of 2014-06-26

Gemini here again

Rapper, Gemini, is out with his new mixtape titled, Dopest Rapper. The mixtape, according to the rapper is a prelude to his forthcoming album which he is currently working on.

Some of the songs on the mixtape are Dopest Rapper, 2014 Freestyle, Where The Money Dey, Formula, Overdose, What You Know About Me, That’s How We Roll, So Fly, Turn It U and Rap Exercise.

“I am currently working on my album which I intend releasing in October, but before that, I want my fans to have a feel of a different side of me when it comes to rap. I thought a mix tape would be the best option to get the best side of me to my fans," he said.

“My up album is tailored to suit both the old and new. Everybody can relate to it. My album will showcase how versatile I can be. It’s not going to be just rap but a blend of Gemini the singer and Gemini the rapper. It will have slow and mid tempo tunes instead of the fast ones I have come to be known for” he said.

Gemini, who is currently signed on to 2131 Records, started his music career in 2004. He has released some singles in the past. Some of them are Sakumonon; Jamming, I Will, Don’t Do which featured El, and OK OK with Lousika.

He also has a song, Ambolley, which he said is in honour of one of Ghana’s greatest musicians Gyedu Blay Ambolley.

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