Politics of 2014-06-27

Ghana’s parliament an effective factor for regional integration- Prof Nago

The Speaker of Benin’s Parliament, Professor Maturi Koffi Nago has called for regional integration among parliamentarians of member states in the ECOWAS sub-region.

The primary aim of the Economic Community of West African states has always been to promote economic integration across the region. However, this objective is yet to be achieved prompting renewed calls for urgent action.

Prof Nago, who is on an official visit to Ghana, made the call when he addressed members of parliament, and reinforced the need for closer ties.

He iterated that Africa’s problems of governance, poverty, peace and security can only be “brokered through stronger regional integration”

“This will require at the highest point, a parliamentary corporation and by doing so, we will address major issues of current concern in the region,” he emphasized.

He indicated that there was the urgent need for parliamentarians across the West African sub-region to “dialogue and share information to curb the misunderstandings and verbal skirmishes, as well as inter and intra country conflicts with the quality and experiences of the people”.

He added in commendation that the parliament of Ghana was “an efficient factor for Regional Corporation and integration.”

Source: graphic.com.gh
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