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2face Idibia not happy his father’s battle with cancer has gone public

2face Idibia’s father has been in the news for the past few weeks following reports that he is currently battling cancer. But close sources to him say he is not happy that the media is talking about his dad’s illness.

While attending a cancer charity event in Lagos, the singer reportedly revealed that his father had been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

He also added that since he was diagnosed early and had started the required treatment, ‘it wasn’t really a problem.’

Sources close to 2face however say the singer isn’t pleased with the way the Nigerian media is prying into his family, reporting his father’s illness.

‘He’ll rather keep this one to himself and his family. It’s not about him, it’s his dad and he’s battling an illness‘, a friend of the family told NET.?

Photo credit: Photo: 960 Music

Source: thenet.ng
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