General News of 2014-06-29

Cease the panic buying: there is enough fuel stock - Gov’t

The Ministry of Information and Media Relations says enough petrol has been supplied to the various oil-marketing companies and available at the service stations.

“As of this evening, 3 million litres of the product has been supplied, with another 4 million litres to be released tomorrow, Sunday,” the Ministry said in a statement Saturday night.

There has been a shortage of gasoline over the last two days, but according to the Ministry, a total of 50 million litres of the product will be pumped into the system in the next 10 days to ease the shortage.

The statement said the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum and the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) will continue to dispatch products every day until the situation stabilizes.

While apologizing to the motoring and general public for the inconvenience and anxiety created by the shortage, the Ministry of Information and Media Relations urged the public to cease the panic buying because there is enough stock being released unto the market.

The statement also urged the fuel service stations to prioritize the selling of fuel directly into vehicles rather than gallons since some unscrupulous persons have been reselling the product to motorists at exorbitant prices.

“Service station owners must endeavor as much as practicable to serve fuel directly into cars and vehicles and not into jerry cans and gallons,” the statement concluded.

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